Metabolic Resistance Training

Before I found this program, which is similar to something I had a lot of success with in university, I was googling 30-minute workouts with cardio and abdominal effort.  I was looking for a program that could nail the goals a lot of cardio heavy workouts go for like elevated heart rate, abs engaged and also challenged, and legs using power and quickness.  Plyometrics are great for this but that is such a deep topic.

Metabolic Resistance Training is a way of challenging yourself to not only build perfect muscles, but also improve your organs and do less structured lifts on a bench or machine. It involves pushing yourself into that cardio mind set of finding ways to keep your head up and your body moving.  It requires that but it requires the functional strength and form of weightlifting.

I have no problems with body building.  Its functional, it requires a lot of goal setting and progression, and gives direction.  For some folk it takes a lifetime to find this kind of self-control.  For me,i feel like I’m in no position to say which is better.  I will say this though.  Being competitive in the gym is so dumb.  Because everyone is  “excercising” their own way, and motivation should come from within and not from what others say. without further ado here is the guide to metabolic resistance training.

  1. MRT is beautifully effective at making you feel and look good
  2. It is universally efficient as a replacement for living a steady and efficient life style. It is ubiquitous.
  3. If concerned with managing growth and change, MRT is amazing at creating a mindset of being able to adapt things to your desire.  To experience this adaptive growth though, You must work aerobically and anaerobically to increase energy consumption and find bottlenecks. Warning: This is ideal for people who are willing to accept pain as something they will tolerate in their life
  4. The article has made a few comparisons about whether or not this will fit your style.  The first is a reference from a league of their own, saying that its because its hard that it is good.  There is no runners high and their is no pump basically.  Its more results oriented then the others.  However ironman comps are making this seem more ego satisfying then the true reason which is that it will have results.  I compare it to fashion that feels great for you/ looks perfect for you like lacoste or the red ecko sweater I couldn’t afford in school as a kid.  Whatever your favorite brand is, I highly recommend blowing smoke at any trainer who is selling fake MRT advice simply for the popularity.  It’s a combination of being athletic already, but needing to shred, or having a biggest loser mentality..
    The second reference he uses was a $220 bottle of Macallan 18 Scotch which he was gifted.  No one would doubt that it was an amazing bottle of alcohol but good for who?  Why should he drink that instead of fireball whiskey when getting drunk?  Unless you are a horder and want to try every workout!  Then by all means make that something you are proud of.
  5. Work capacity isn’t just a quality that needs to be improved; it’s a facet of fitness that needs to be cultivated before it can become the keystone upon which programming rests.
  6. MRUT- Introduce people to MRT using Metabolic Ramp-Up Training to “break’em in”
    1. 3 Total circuits in the workout w/ 3 total sets in each (max)
    2. end workout at the time or set count which you specified.
    3. between circuits there are 3-5 minute blocks of active rest

MRUT Workout!
A1) Goblet Squat – 12 reps
A2) Push-up – 8 reps
A3) Plank – 30 seconds
5 Sets OR 5 minutes – STOP
AB Break) AND 5 minutes of Rowing

B1) Barbell RDL – 15 reps
B2) Barbell Row – 6-10 reps
BC Break) 6 rounds or 4 minutes AND 3 minutes of Biking

C1) Walking Lunge – 15 steps per leg
C2) DB Overhead Press – 8 reps
C2) DB High Pull – 10-12 reps        8 minutes
C Break) Treadmill 10%+ incline for 15 minutes
“strength-training cardio” or “dynamic weight training” were terms used before MRT.  Also see density training for a better idea

Metabolic Resistance Training

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