Recovery Program: Rest Periods, Shad Forsythe, Hypoxic Injuries, Aerobic Flush, Vasoconstriction, Back pain during abs.

Warming Up Daily (5 min): Max Shank has a channel where he takes you through common excercises for joint movement.  He is super chill and expressive about the goals outcomes etc of the experiment.

Hollow Pull Apart/Pullover Combo

Rest Strategies During Workouts
1. Muscle Gainers are smart to take 60-90 seconds. Unless otherwise instructed or your breathing isn’t at that level yet.
2. Weight Loss:  rest time is less important then heart rate.  Breathing should be difficult but not impossible.  Circuits/ running: 30 seconds, alternating excercises 30-90.
3. Strength Gain: If the set is very difficult 3-5 minutes.  Otherwise Neuromusc. activate!

Shad Forsythe Training
” . I am not advocating a “no days off” policy, but a day designed for recovery is different than a day off. As one of Newton’s Laws of Motion states “a body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force”. You can’t recover and prepare for upcoming competitions passively. Recovery should be an active process that is a part of the total training program.”

Immediate Recovery: Athletes’ Performance has had great results utilizing immediate recovery which encompasses nutrition and cryotherapy.  Aim is to replace glycogen (energy) and electrolytes (sweat) and also water/ cold showe to decrease catolic hormones.

Post workout nutrition should consist of: a mixture of carbohydrates, fats, proteins (based on the athletes body composition and exertion level), electrolytes (based on the athletes perspiring levels), and water for hydration. Cryotherapy should consist of cold water immersion (55 degrees F) for at least 5 minutes.

Hypoxic Injuries: Are micro Tears occuring after workouts when your body is still hot and pumping. They are the main cause of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Recovery Day (Day after full exertion and before rest day)
Facilitate your recovery and return muscle tissues to normal length, tension and quality, as well as remove the waste products in your system left from your workout.
Use: Increasing circulation, utilizing self and/or professional massage and flexibility techniques, and utilizing contrast therapy.
1. Aerobic Flush: naturally remove waste products by performing non-strenuous elliptical/ stationary bike.
2. self massage/ flexibility use rollers to help muscle form. roller from butt side hand to opposite leg adjust.
3. stimulate vasoconstriction followed immediately by vasodilatation to enhance circulation of oxygen rich blood and removal of metabolic waste products. (Contrast Therapy)

Back Pain During Abs??? its your hip flexors
If your hip flexors are equally loose great, if either are tight you will get hip problems.
Include lateral bending because you will find your hip is caused work by the side bend.
With bar at top of hips, keep body straight up – step under, then crouch then slight not warrior neck bend but full hip shift under and then turn to ex[plode away. then lean into the weighted leg.
IF you are concerned that you have no Butt also make sure to stretch the inner thigh for years!

From Functional Patterns website with “the latin quirky dude/ the quick talking health and wellness coach with a focus on bringing experience and joy to those in the martial arts field, with an approach to violence that involves allowing the pain to build and letting it making you leaner.  (Focus on the core/ core excercises of a fighter): IT bands can be stretched (as I Know) and hamstrings can be stretched (1. sit on chair, 2.stretch leg /kick out and feel the tightness on outer hamstring, ball underneath and go/ sit) CON these are responsive excercises within your body that have to do with hips and glutes as needing to be acknowledged first.
– helping loosen up your butt muscles:
-helping loosen hips and improve back avoid back pain:

ALSO look at Elliot Hulse two person (or complex) hip stretch try it out one day.

Yoga?  here are 3 poses that will add 10 minutes

1. 3 legged dog.  From Cat position, lift feet to create knee flexion ass extension link.  Then put feet down and lift up.  Then extend leg so that feet, ass, shoulder hand, ear are all in line.

2. side bend.  wide wide legs turn full ninty degrees with full lock in legs bend hips far out  spirit hands then bring hand down and head up to sky

3. extended side angle really really really wide, turn feet and bent knee enxtendspirit hands then push with foot as you lower your hand, because you want to raise other hand and create a straight line.

Recovery Program: Rest Periods, Shad Forsythe, Hypoxic Injuries, Aerobic Flush, Vasoconstriction, Back pain during abs.

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