Couch Potato life, Office Challenges, Food and your body

Meetings in Offices can be more of the same for some people.
Couch potatoes may be groggy, not productive, anxious.
What were your coolest classes in high school/ university?  The ones where you were given time to work in groups and move around…how about the ones where we got to meet and go other places and to peoples houses.  how about the ones where we had lots of space to ourselves.

1.Sitting is the new smoking:  More then three hours a day of sitting can have detrimental health effects.
1 b) You can only create so much ATP – sitting at a computer hunches you over, tenses muscles and creates barriers to intestine digestion..  Then you feel like you need coffee instead of the oxygen you need.
2.Cynicism deserves its own post but in making work, work for you, it is helpful to remember that commuting increases sedentary life, (especially cars) and 35 min or longer is enough to get most people stressed out.
3. Walk and talk: Can you schedule meetings on the go?  can you meet while playing a sport? If the weather is nice and you have trails like in oakville, then go for a walk.
4. Big chalk boards/ white boards.  Teachers are always fit arent they?  they are always walking back and forth writing on the chalk board.  great activity.

Right On Schedule

Thinking about your home schedule is as important as your work schedule.  So how to stay active at home and what do you prepare for? grocery shopping, gym time, work, studying, volunteering, cooking etc.

Getting to sleep on time:  Gradually stimulate the bed time you wish for by going 15 minutes at a time.  Think about what stimulates you a lot.  Dont do THAT an hour before bed time. Inspire yourself to wake up in a great mood this way.

Schedule your meals by week, with dishes planned by day, with expectations for leftovers by counting servings.  After work have eggs or tuna sandwiches.

Find ways to have fun with resources and with activity bags.  Also add that new year cheer of building  something you want to build.  could be a bbq, a book hobby, etc. to add fun, happiness, value to your life. subtract what doesnt matter ie. get arianna to help putting away dishes in return for drives.

Couch Potato life, Office Challenges, Food and your body

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