You want to eat to your hearts content don’t you? Learn about High-low Density Lipoproteins and how to get more from soup.

Healthy eating starts and ends with the heart in my opinion.  I see these really fun and pleasurable hot spots and I think that is a different topic.  I don’t oppose cheesiness or doughyness that gets us all eating pizza and bagels, but I look at the bigger picture.  That is not what we want to eat at home.  Just like how I don’t bake, because I want to bring that home.  Home is for soul food and hearty meals.
The Canadian Heart Foundation Guide to better eating (for adults) lists 8 helpful tips for longer living and adult diets.
1. wide variety of food and healthy weight
2. limit your fat intake to under a 1/3 of your days intake (9x to calculate calories from fat)
3. limit saturated fat like pizza to under 10% of calories and know the differences. (9x cal)
4. Moderate cholesterol according to your level of activity
5.  Protein intake at least 15 percent of calories
6. Complex carbs include but are not limited to: fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains (but watch the gluten) (sugar is divided directly into total calories)
7. Watch the sodium
8. Alcohol in moderation means a drink or less per day. (Hold out)

Getting a feel for fats:
Commonly we go a little heavy on fats, but not too bad.  we reached and grabbed these fats,
1. fats and oils 43%
2. meat, fish and poultry 39%
3. dairy products 12%
4. fruits and vegetables (nuts) 6%

Lipoproteins compounds that carry excess cholesterol and deposit in the liver for elimination
High density means that these compounds excel in the stable movement of the cholesteral and keeping it in tact.
-Problem and corrective: increase excercise and blood flow (Work Out), keep weight low and blood movement excellent, don’t smoke (Butt Out), reduce alcohol (hold out), reduce intake of saturated fats. (butter, shortening, coconut oil, hydrogenated oil, meat, cheese, dairy, egg yolk, chocolate.
– Polyunsaturated fats like fish, almonds, hazelnuts, corn oil, sunflower oil 2-3x per week helps fights blood clots and high blood pressure.

In Good Company: Cardiovascular Congress in October 2015 in Toronto will be held to talk about many factors attributing to health, including

More Soup Please:
The most effective way to get more from your soup is to add more things to your soup like liquids and veggies.
Canned soups have all the basic flavors and often add too many salts and oils, so by not adding butter and salt you are already a step ahead.
Instead of broth, add water.  even more protein conscious would be adding milk…mmm
Dilute salt by adding vegetables, rice and noodles, chicken and meats.

You want to eat to your hearts content don’t you? Learn about High-low Density Lipoproteins and how to get more from soup.

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