Not sure what to eat.

Today I woke up and I looked at my fridge and found 3 tupperwares of chicken parm / vegetables, 2 more tupperwares with apple cinnamon oatmeal   ,and in the cupboards I had shelves full of raw ingredients.
I decided that I can keep preparing these meals in bulk quite easily for myself, but I have to consider the tastes of the family, the costs, and the time.  There are go to dishes that every family eats but since I have some time on my hands right now, I thought that rather then find new recipes…which are everywhere, I want to look into balancing the nutritional needs with the raw ingredients in my house.  That way I will be one step closer to “Chez Healthy, Smart, and affordable”.

If you want to try a new concept, the best way to do that is not miss the buiding blocks at the bottom. Seeing as how we live in one of the more fertile countries, or at least north of the border of them, we have access to almost any dietary need, which is helpful.

So what I want to understand first is what ways will food affect my body depending on which eating habits are good for me and bad for me,
then what portions can I be having and be healthy? What frequency?
Then what habits do I have that I can change to suit healthy eating
Then which vitamins are essential, and what is the density/ life of the nutrients
then what impact am I have on the environment and water ways
then how much time and resources are going into this
then what is available to me at the store and what can I cook.

Portions:  Pretty simple to understand healthy portion sizes when you consider that we are all over eating all the time.  If you went to mcdonalds and got a big mac, small diet coke and small fries, that would be a full portion.  not the double, not the cheese, not the large fries and drink.  The idea that we eat to much is way too sensitive of a topic, I love how much I eat, but I am willing to change that.

After two weeks of healthy eating my cravings all the time went down
After a month my nutrition had improved so much that I was feeling emotionally healthier.
After six weeks I was eating the exact amount I needed for the level of activity I was doing, and it was as easy as committing to better eating habits.

Brain food: glucose in forms from fruits, veggies and carbs are eaten by your brain at a greedy 20% of its total consumption.  Caution here because your brain and body will start dying if you are pumping too high a level of sugar into them. (25-30 g at one time approx. amount in a banana)

Eating frequency:  3 meals a day is what is most common to us and is certainly a favorite of mine, but if I was to wage a war on the commonplace meal times I would start with the portions then move onto frequency?  what can you do to eat at work, save your money, and enjoy conversations about eating a variety of food choices all while eating optimally.
– if you are eating more often you are: changing the chemical release patterns, deterring away from common sense, reducing portion size, possibly stabilizing insulin production Allowing for creativity the following is important findings:
– If you are a man your frequency of vegetables and fruits should almost be 2/1 of women. Multiple colors is a simple way of choosing a wide range of vegetables
(Important to know the vege colours) improve mineral absorbsion.
cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, bananas, pears are WHITE help with colon prostate and breast cancer by making natural b and t killer cells
BLUE blueberries, eggplant, grapes, plums also fight cancer!
RED YELLOW Tomato sauce, tomatoes, red peppers, cherries, watermelon, corn, peppers, oranges, squash, Blood pressure and free radicals
GREEN: saalad, spinach etc.  digestion.

foods for me: mangoes which have antioxidants that help with glucose levels and fibre

Not sure what to eat.

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