What Keeps you up? learning to think about daily nutrition progress.

Remember, all calories come from macronutrients.

Vitamins, minerals, sodium, etc are micro-nutrients and do not contain calories.

ONLY proteins, fats, carbs and booze yield calories

Forming a new normal for yourself, in a way that takes building blocks and adds the drive and personality of modern fitness industry.

This will be a big challenge for me because…my neurosis and spinning wheels will create a challenge.  However, my loving foundation and knowledge will be there for me to work with.

However, this is important for me because, I have bad normal behaviours like needing to keep on my fat or needing sugar throughout the day, that I  want to break out of, without losing essential nutrition.  Food is a sore spot with a lot of stress associated with it for me.  It was my link to earnign money and freedom, as well as a sense of comfort and ability.

How To Count Your Macros (A Comprehensive Guide)

Remember that there are 3500 calories in 1lbs. (0.45kg) of fat. Thus, you need to burn 500/ 1000 calories more than you consume each day to lose 1/ 2lbs. of fat per week.

People Who Do Not Move around a lot multiply, or burn, 1.2 times their Basic Metabolic Rate; more active people are around 1.375;  Active workout people are around 1.55; pros and very active people are around 1.75-2 times their BMR.

What Keeps you up? learning to think about daily nutrition progress.

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